Wall E

You may recall some time ago on my previous blog that I posted an entry with the title Wall E and one simple image instead of text. Here is the reminder (from Wednesday, February 28):

While you may have forgotten that I posted that, you by now for sure are familar with Wall E as the character in Pixar's next upcoming feature film. This thing is getting absolutely stellar reviews and it sounds like Pixar has really knocked this one out of the park. I can't wait!

The story revolves around a future that sees humanity abandon Earth after polluting it beyond habitability. They leave behind an army of robots to clean up all of the trash and pollution so that humans may one day return again to Earth. After 700 years, Wall E is the only robot still functioning and he is still diligently performing his programmed task, although it appears he doesn't know or doesn't recall why he is doing so.

Link to trailer: Wall E

Remember Sammy Jankis!

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